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  • You must use this online search engine to search local charities outside of the Heartland CFC area (they are not printed in the paper charity listing).  You may also search through Employee Express or myPay.
  • Equal Justice America, Inc. is a 2015 participating charity that was left out of the charity listing.  You may make designations to this charity and their listing information is below:

    16626      Equal Justice America, Inc. (804)744-4200 EIN#133708596  Since 1993 - Protecting the legal rights of battered women, abused and neglected children, veterans, the elderly, immigrants, individuals with disabililties and other Americans in need. 35.0% R,W,L

  • Cure Cancer, AIDS and Infectious Diseases (CFC #56591) is no longer a participating 2015 CFC charity.  Please do not make designations to this charity.

FACTORS THAT MAY AFFECT YOUR SEARCH RESULTS:  We are required to list charities according to their legal name, registered with the IRS.  Therefore, this could affect your search results if certain issues apply.  Please consider the following:

  • APOSTROPHES: Not all organizations with apostrophes ( ' ) in their name are listed as such in the database.  If you are unable to locate your charity, please try searching without the apostrophe (Ex. "Children's Organization..." - search as "Childrens Organization...").  
  • SPACES:  An organization may or may not have spaces between compound words or words such as "DeLaRose".  Try adding or removing the spaces accordingly. 
  • ACRONYMS: If your organization is made up of an acronym, remember it can be with our without periods between each letter.  If you do not receive results with periods in your search, then remove them and try it that way.  (EX. H.A.P.P.Y. may be listed as HAPPY without periods or even H. A. P. P. Y. with periods and spaces).

 We do apologize for any confusion that this may cause in your charity search.

2015 Local Charity Listing (PDF version)

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