CFC Cabinet Meeting
Minutes of May 19, 2010
Host: Dorothy Witherspoon & Curtis Walker
General Services Administration

Cabinet Members in Attendance:
Judy Baker, HHS                             Angela Brooks, TSA
Kenny Burford, USACE                   Diane Cejka, DHS, NRC
Kevin DeVore, USPS                      Marcia Drumm, Dept. of Labor
Cindy Hillman, FEB                         Larry Hisle, CFC
Ron Mackenzie, USDA                   Matt Mithell, USDA
Veronica Rainey, USPS                  Steve Scanlon, US Army
Owen Smith, NTEU Chapter 66     Harry Strader, CFC-KS
Dorothy Witherspoon, Dept. of Labor

Cabinet Members on the Phone:
Paul Cave, TSA                   Susan Robinson, FMS
Tom Shanower, USDA-ARS-Manhattan

Welcome & Introduction - Dorothy Witherspoon
Dorothy thanked the cabinet members for being involved in the campaign this year. Each member in attendance introduced themselves and their roles on the cabinet.

Labor Cabinet Update - Larry Hisle for Curtis Walker:
  • Union Partnership Meeting held on April 28
  • The purpose of the Union Partnership Council is to secure the support of representatives from more than 20 area federal employee unions
  • Labor Division Co-Chairs will make peer calls on the Bargaining Units in their area in late July, early August. Labor Co-Coordinators were to be encouraged in all agencies.
  • Discusses several issues that the labor individuals had about last year's campaign: 1) continued lack of communication from the top down about the campaign, 2) legal restrictions being put on fundraising events, and 3) coordinators not given the time to do the job
  • Next meeting will take place on July 22

Agency Head Training & Calls - Each Division Chair:
Each Division was asked to report on their progress in contacting the Agency Heads in their respective Divisions.
Division 0:
  • Susan Robinson, FMS, and Mark Harrington, will be meeting on May 21 to split up accounts. No calls have been made yet.
  • Mark Harrington, IRS, will be the LE for this division.
Division 1:
  • Diane Cejka, DHS, is in the process of setting up Agency Head visits, but is waiting until an LE is appointed. A loaned Executive is being solicited within EPA. There is a commitment from EPA for an LE.
    • No Loaned Executive has been named at this time.
Division 3:
  • Maric Drumm and JoBeth Cholmondeley have met to split up the accounts to call on. They have set aside two weeks in June to make the calls. Joe Miniace will be making the calls on DOT accounts.
  • JoBeth Cholmondeley from Dept. of Labor - OSHA will be the Loaned Executive this year
Division 4:
  • Ron Mackenzie, USDA, reported. Their largest account (USDA Beacon Complex) has been contacted and several accounts in the 8930 Ward Parkway building have been contacted. They are busy setting up appointments.
  • Ron Mackenzie, USDA, will be LE for this division
Division 5:
  • Kevin DeVore, USPS, reported. Veronica Rainey was named as an LE. They both are working on these accounts and will meet with Larry to go over accounts. All are expected to be complete by the end of June.
    • Kevin DeVore and Veronica Rainey will be the Loaned Executives for this division
Division 6:
  • Steve Scanlon, Army Environmental, and Kenny Buford, USACE, are working on these accounts. Letters have been sent out and they are waiting for date and time of appointment. The Marine Mobilization Command will be BRACed by fall. At the time of this meeting, 13 calls had been made and 7 additional had been scheduled
    • Kenny Buford, USACE, will be the LE for this division
Topeka Area:
  • Harry Strader reported that letters were set to go out in the near future. Capt. Jay Phillips, USCG, will be making calls on the top accounts. Harry, Ann and Captain Phillips will meet in the near future to split up the accounts. We have a volunteer helping with the USPS area offices.
  • Ann Radford, USPS, will be the LE for this division
  • Harry will be contacting and meeting with the Manhattan and Salina Area Division Chairs by the end of May. There is a new Division Chair in training at Fort Riley as well.
Ozark Area:
  • Paul Cave, TSA, reported that appointments will start to be scheduled the following week. Dawn Buckner and he will be making these calls.
  • Dawn Buckner, TSA, will be the LE for this division

Invitations will be sent out for the Agency Head Luncheon on July 28 for the political appointees and June 25 in Leavenworth. Traditionally, we have seen a double digit increase in the accounts which attend this event.
  • Spreadsheets for tracking accounts will be sent out for completion by the Division Chairs & Loaned Executives
  • All completed Agency Head Agenda forms should be sent back to Larry
  • Goals for each Division and overall CFC goal will be done at the July CFC Cabinet Meeting
  • Agency Head Call Sheets need to have the campaign coordinator identified by late May/ early June
  • Get commitment from the agency head
  • Identify agencies who have employees that are retiring, early outs or layoffs

Committee Reports:
Awards & Recognition - Matt Mitchell
The cabinet reviewed and selected which items they would like to order.
Here are the items which the Awards Committee are suggesting for choices for this year.

EVERY DONOR GIFT - Computer Calendar Selected
idea                                                 cost               vendor
Computer Calendar                         $0.06             Artcraft
Bookmark, 2" x 6"                            $0.10             Sales Service
Magnets Picture Frames                 $0.15             Artcraft

KICK-OFF RALLY GIFT - 22 oz. Smooth Stadium cup Selected
idea                                                 cost               vendor
Poly coated gold cup                    $0.15             Sales Service
Balsa Glider                                   $0.50             4Imprint
4 N 1 Measuring                            $0.55             4Imprint
Kick off Football                            $0.75             CPI

22 oz. Smooth Stadium cup        $0.45             CPI 

Pre-GIFT - Note Pads Selected
idea                                                 cost               vendor
Hand Sanitizer Spray                      $0.85              Sales Service
Note Pads                                       $1.37              4Imprint
Pedometer                                      $1.39              4Imprint 

Post-GIFT - Chosen Item: Candy Jar Selected
idea                                                 cost               vendor
Candy Jar                                        $1.75              4Imprint
Magic Answer Ball                           $2.19              4Imprint
Deluxe Manicure Set                       $3.00              Sales Service

It has been suggested to narrow the Pillar Club Awards as follows:
Pillar Club: Chosen Item: A Combo of Sports Bottle and Pin Selected
Reflective Backpack                        $1.55              Image Marketing
Gobi Sports Bottle                            $1.61             Jack Nadel

22 oz. Sports Bottle                         $0.75             CPI
iCare Lapel Pin                                $0.36             Group Order

Commanders Club: Chosen Item: A Combo of Sports Bottle, Pin & Coin Selected
Challenge Coins                               $1.60              Symbol Art
Retro Desk Clock                             $2.85              Artcraft
Insulated 6 Pack Cooler                   $3.00              Artcraft

Eagle Club, $1,000 or greater: Pewter-finish striking eagle award
We will use the same Pewter-finish striking eagle award as last year. These have been ordered for this year.

Soaring Eagle Award: Chosen Item: Rolling Cooler Selected
Flipper Memo Picture Clock             $7.50              4Imprint
Sand of Time                                    $12.00            CPI

Rolling Cooler                                   $14.95            Image

There was also a proposal to purchase new Caring for Community Awards this year which will cover the next 10 years. The cabinet decided to go ahead with the new Caring for Community Award for this year.

Any suggestions or comments can be sent to or

Communications - Angela Brooks
  • We would like to remind the Cabinet that "iCare..." is our theme for this year
  • The first meeting of the Communications Committee was April 14 at the Transportation Security Administration's office. It was lightly attended.
  • A sample graphic was shown to the Cabinet for approval and was well received
  • The Committee is working with the Army Corps of Engineers Graphic Arts Dept. on other designs for the catalog
  • Strategies which the Communications Committee is being built around Educating the employee base, excite and motivate and focus on the young audience
  • With that in mind, we are on the social sites of Facebook, LinkeIn, MySpace and Twitter
  • A newsletter was sent out early in May promoting Day of Caring and posting dates for various CFC activities
  • The Committee discussed the possibility of producing a local film. We are on a wait and see basis on what some of the other CFCs put together
  • Our first Employee Appreciation Night is on May 21 at the Kansas City Royals. Our next Employee Appreciation Night is July 10 at the Wizards game
  • Discussed the Flat Stanley project and the need for new models if we would like to continue this program. It was suggested to use photos of donors. We will be taking pictures of the Campaign Cabinet members at the next meeting
  • We need volunteers
Recruitment needs for the Committee:
  • Graphic design
  • Local Film
  • Web Design
  • Newsletter
  • Brochure Design
  • Media
Angela and Cindy will make a plea at the FIC meeting to recruit volunteers.
Please contact Angela Brooks with any comments or suggestions.

Any suggestions or comments can be sent to or

Eligibility Status - Larry for Dennis O'Connell
  • Eligibility Committee has completed its reviews for this year
  • This year we had 25 volunteers in Kansas City and 10 in Topeka from various federal agencies who served on the Committee
  • This year we had a total of 485 local & statewide agencies approved to be included in the campaign. This included 64 new non-profits.
  • The final review of appeals will be on May 20. Two non-profits have appealed from 9 applications which were not approved to be reviewed again. There is still a possibility of appeals going to OPM in Washington.
  • The order of the federations and local un-affiliated was randomly drawn on May 20, 2010 at the Eligibility Appeals Review Meeting for how they will be listed in the 2010 Catalog for Caring. They are as follows:
Community Health Charities of Kansas and Missouri
United Way of Wyandotte County
Local Independent Charities of America
United Way of Greater Kansas City
United Way of Leavenworth
Local Independent Organizations
Johnson County United Way - MO
Earth Share of Missouri
Salina Area United Way
United Way of Greater Topeka
United Way of the Ozarks

Golf Tournament - Larry Hisle
  • Tournament has been scheduled for October 11 (Columbus Day)
  • This year it will be held at the Deuce at the National Golf Course in NKC
  • Currently looking for ideas on incentive items, etc.
  • Tournament will be open to all federal employees and guests
  • Championship aspect (which was used for last year's tournament) will be done again this year
  • Encouraged agencies who host their own golf tournaments to incorporate theirs into CFC's tournament
5K Run/Walk - Larry Hisle
  • Due to limited time frame, the Committee moved ahead with having the Run at Shawnee Mission Park
  • The Run will be on October 2, 2010
  • The Committee met on May 7 to divide responsibilities for the event
  • There needs to be more communication on this event
  • More to come in the near future

Training Committee Recruitment & Workshops - Larry Hisle
  • Campaign Coordinator sites have been identified
  • Two Campaign Coordinator trainings are scheduled for the Kansas City on August 5 at the Gillis Center and on August 11 at the National WWI Museum
  • A workshop is scheduled for August 18 in Topeka Rescue Mission
  • Springfield's Kick-Off and training is scheduled for September 16
  • Additional trainings are being scheduled for Leavenworth, Fort Riley, Manhattan and Salina
  • It was suggested to have more conference calls on sharing of fund raising ideas
  • Campaign Coordinators' names need to be identified by the end of May/June

A Speaker Training for the non-profits has been set up for August 24 at the Kansas City Library. Notification letters will go out at the end of this week.

LE Training
  • Here are the items that still need to be completed
    • Complete and confirm training locations for Loaned Executive training
    • Obtain additional trainers
  • The following Speakers are needed for the LE Training - Sales Training, Communication Skills, and Marketing Skills
  • The former LEs will be sued as Speakers
If you have a speaker in mind or if you would like to volunteer for this, please forward that information to Larry at or call at 816-823-2010.

A demonstration of Online Pledge Systems on the agenda but was postponed.

Other Discussions:
Leadership Luncheons:
  • We are planing two leaders' briefings in the Kansas City are for the political appointees and one in Leavenworth for the new agency in that area. There have been no RSVPs for these events yet.
  • Report on the luncheon held on April 29 in Springfield. It was well received by those in attendance. It was a combination awards event and Leaders' briefing.

Day of Caring Update
  • Day of Caring is Saturday, June 5
  • As of Friday, 91 contacts from 42 different Federal Agencies have responded. The good news, this already surpasses the 35 Federal Agencies which participated last year. But we need your help. There are over 30 projects which still need to be filled. If your agency has not signed up, please do so today.
  • A plea was made to get agencies to sign up ASAP

Sponsorships for the 2010 Campaign - Larry Hisle
  • A request was sent for GEHA to sponsor the CFC Victory Awards Breakfast, and they did respond and they agreed. They upped their gift $1,000 to $5,000 for this year. This will allow us to continue to comp the campaign coordinator breakfast in Kansas City, Topeka and possibly Springfield.
  • A request was sent out to GEICO to sponsor the Cruise Giveaway and Leadership Breakfast, and a query of the Kick-off Breakfast. They have committed $5,000 for this year. This will allow us to pay for the agency had breakfast, have the Cruise Give-away and sponsor the kick-off.
  • A request has been made to Blue Cross and Blue Shield to be a sponsor for our Kick-off. We have not heard back from them yet.
  • A request went out to Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Kansas and they have provided $500 sponsorship for kick-offs in Topeka and Fort Riley
  • We have a meeting with Mazuma Credit Union on May 26 to sponsor the 5K Run/Walk
  • Letters will be sent out to hotels requesting donations fro the upcoming campaign
  • Cabinet Members are urged to share ideas of possible sponsors for this year
  • It was decided to continue with the Cruise Giveaway

Merger Requests & Opportunities
  • OPM suggests that local campaigns should regularly identify opportunities for partnerships and campaign mergers and focus on efficiency and cost savings. With this in mind the Heartland LFCC has traditionally reached out to two border CFCs each year.
  • It was decided at the last meeting that it would be a good idea to reach out to specific adjacent CFCs once again this year
  • A request will be sent to Northwest MO & Columbia Area CFC for possible interest

June Cabinet Meeting will be on June 16 at the Environmental Protection Agency

Upcoming Events:

June Cabinet Meeting                  June 16
Agency Head Calls completed    by June 30
Day of Caring                               Saturday, June 5